R-CL-301 · Flash Rainproof Controller - SEEKWAY TECHNOLOGY LTD.
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Intelligent Control System
Simple Control Series
R-CL-301 · Flash Rainproof Controller

Power Input:AC100~240V
Data Input:Built-in FLASH
Driver Output:Green binding post, TTL×2(Same)
Capacity: 1,024 Pixels
Max power:3W
Working temperature:-15℃~60℃
Cover material:Metal box
Weight: N.W. 608g
Size:219L×89W×48H mm
Product Description



   · Turn on the power of multiple controllers at the same time to achieve AC synchronization.

   · Built-in FLASH version, plug in to use easily and conveniently.

   · Output multiplex signals which are specialized for outline applications on building, bridge, etc.







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