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Innovative LED Product
LED Kinetic Products
LED Kinetic Display Matrix: MB16

Size: φ20cm/ball
LED qty: 16 pcs LED/ball
Working voltage: AC100~240V
Power: About 40W
Kinetic distance: About 2m
Max speed: 0.5m/second
Wireless communication range: About 25m
Power of wireless charging: 3W
Battery capacity: 2000 mah
Charging time: 4H
Continues working time: 5H
Product Description


◆ Feature

   · With Stepper Motor Kinetic System in the top tray, the speed and location of each ball can be controlled and different moving matrix can be created.

   · The overall effect and moving style can be controlled by wireless controller.

   · The batery can be wireless charged inside the ball. 4~5 hrs. working time.

   · Full color LED display.

   · It can be used in airport, hotel or some huge architecture.



◆ Effects



◆ Video

       [Download the video]