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Intelligent Control System
SD Card Control Series
SY-308·SD Card Controller

Power Input:AC100~240V
Data Input:SD Card(8G)
Driver Output:Green binding post, RS485×8 or TTL×8
Capacity: 10,240 Pixels (1280×8)
Max power:3W
Working temperature:-15℃~60℃
Cover material:Aluminum alloy
Weight: 1000g (N.W. 850g)
Size:193L×122W×45H mm
Product Description


◆ Features

· SD card multi-function controller can realize mobile WIFI/GSM remote control, GPS satellite synchronization, 4G/GPRS city lighting control, etc.

· Support additional functions such as encryption, time control, audio control, voice control, DMX512 signal input and etc.

· Support cascade connection. SD card files in different controllers can be intelligently partitioned by the software. 



◆ Applications

   ● GPS Synchronization Solution 




   ● 4G/GPRS City Lighting Control Solution




   ● WiFi/GSM Remote Control Solution



   ● Voice/Audio Control Solution



◆ Product Model

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