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Innovative LED Product
Indoor/Outdoor LED screen
P10 LED screen (Indoor) Features:

• Super bright LED and good quality plastic parts.
• Light weight and easy installation.
• Each individual LED or pixel can be maintained in low cost.
• Constant current driving, uniform luminance and low power consumption.
• Pitch is 10.0mm, total pixels are 32*16, configuration of each pixel is 1R1G1B.
Product Description


◆ Screen parameters

·Application environment: indoor

·Pitch: 10mm

·Pixel density: 10,000 pixels/m2

·Brightness: ≥ 800 Nits

·Contrast ratio: ≥3000:1

·Horizontal visual angle: 120 ±10

·Vertical visual angle: 120 ±10

·Working environment temperature: in or beyond the range of -20—50℃.

·Working environment humidity: in or beyond the range of 10-90%RH.

·IP grade: front IP65

·Input power frequency: 50HZ

·Cycle life: ≥100,000 hours

·Maintenance: afterwards


◆ Display module parameters

·LED specification: DIP346

·Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B


·Size: 320mm×160mm

·Resolution: length 32 pixels, height 16 pixels

·Drive mode: constant current 1/8 scan

·Drive voltage: DC5V

·Power consumption: ≤15W


◆ System parameters

·Input signal: DVI

·Frame rate: 60HZ

·Refresh rate: ≥540HZ

·Grayscale grade: red, green and blue are 12-16bits respectively

·Brightness control: Grade 256 manual/automatic

·Display color: 549.7 billion types

·WIN/XP  Operating system: WIN/XP

·Power consumption: max 352W/㎡

·Average accessible time: >10,000 hours

·Malfunction dot rate: ≤0.0001

·Working voltage: AC220V±15%

·Control distance: network cable 100m (without relay), multi-mode optical fibre 500m, single mode optical fibre 20km.

·Flatness: any adjacent pixel ≤0.5mm, modular joint distance <0.2mm

·Earth leakage current: <2mA

·Continuous working duration: ≥48 hours

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