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Intelligent Control System
GPS Satellite Synchronization
Size: 195L×143W×45H mm
Output channel: 8 channels
Output signa: TTL
Output port: Signal terminal
Max power: 5W
Working temperature: -15℃~60℃
SD Card: 4G
Cover color: Black
Working voltage: AC220V
Synchronization mode: GPS
Multi-Controller Sync: Limitless
Power plug: National standard (or by customer’s request)
Product Description


-- GPS Satellite synchronization.Short positioning time and accurate positioning

--  No need to connect cables between controllers.After set the mode and speed of all the controllers to be the same,it will go to synchronous system.(No need to restart the controller)

--  Users can program the software and create a program file for each controller

-- GPS Satellite synchronous controller is applicable to he situation that the lighting cann't be connected among buildings,Besides,the synchronous display and the overall effect display are available.



 Engineering Wiring Diagram  





  Product Model