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    LED Interactive Floor
 3D LED CUBE-H32 >>
  • Specification
  • Installation
  • Control
  • Packing
  • Video
     Cube size:  200*200*230cm(LWH)
 Visible side: 5 sides
 Voxel composing: 1pcs LED per pixel
 LED type: Φ5mm, 3 in 1
 Pitch: 6cm
 Voxel qty: 32*32*32=32768
 Material of top frame: Stainless steel
 Cotrol mode: SD Card controller
 Accessories: Power Supply, SD card controller
 Installation environment: Indoors hanging, None waterproof
 Working temperature: 0–40°C
 Working humidity: 10–80%
 Average power: 1000W
 Max power: 5000W
 Net weight: 230KG
 Gross weight: 360KG
   Effects Description
  1. More than 30 kinds of 3D animation effects has been programmed before delivery.
2. Character input (Chinese, English, Japansese, Korean, etc are available), picture edit, video record as well as the play sequence of the effect can be processed through the equipped software freely.
3. Effect can manual display or auto-display.
   Distribution diagram of Power supply
   Electric housing diagram
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